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Nonlinear Dynamics
Systems Theory

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Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory is an international journal published quarterly. The journal publishes papers in all aspects of nonlinear dynamics and systems theory according to its scope. The object of the journal is to promote collaboration in the world community and to develop the contemporary nonlinear dynamics and systems theory. It is aimed at publishing carefully refereed scientific papers and surveys in the following disciplines:
  • Analysis of uncertain systems
  • Bifurcations and instability in dynamical behaviors
  • Celestial mechanics, variable mass processes, rockets
  • Complex dynamics
  • Control of chaotic systems
  • Controllability, observability, and structural properties
  • Deterministic and random vibrations
  • Differential games
  • Dynamical systems on manifolds
  • Dynamics of systems of particles
  • Ergodic theory of dynamical systems
  • Hamilton and Lagrange equations
  • Hysteresis
  • Identification and adaptive control of stochastic systems
  • Modelling of real phenomenon by ODE, FDE and PDE
  • Nonlinear boundary problems
  • Nonlinear control systems, guided systems
  • Nonlinear dynamics in biological systems
  • Nonlinear fluid dynamics
  • Nonlinear oscillations and waves
  • Nonlinear stability in continuum mechanics
  • Non-smooth dynamical systems with impacts or discontinuities
  • Numerical methods and simulation
  • Optimal control and applications
  • Qualitative analysis of systems with aftereffect
  • Robustness, sensitivity and disturbance rejection
  • Soft computing: artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, etc.
  • Special functions and orthogonal polynomials
  • Stability of discrete systems
  • Stability of impulsive systems
  • Stability of large-scale power systems
  • Stability of linear and nonlinear control systems
  • Stability theory of intelligence media
  • Stochastic approximation and optimization
  • Symmetries and integrable systems
  • Symmetry in mechanics
  • Topological and combinatorial dynamics.
We invite submissions dealing with (possibly unsolved) problems of nonlinear dynamics and systems theory arising from applications. The journal also invites book reviews.